Elf the Musical FAQ

Is this program run by CTOI?

No. The Ashburn Ice House and Medstar Capitals Iceplex are organizing and executing the program with help from our CTOI coaches.

When does my child need to attend practice this week?

Ashburn: Come to Thursday or Saturday 10:20 am to show interest and stay for 10:50 if they are interested in solo, duets, trios.

Medstar: Attend every Sunday at 5:15 pm.

When does my child need to attend practice next week?

Ashburn: Groups will be assigned a set time and information provided by Lori (lcervinka@crpmginc.com).

Generally: Ashburn group numbers should be 3 weeks to learn plus a review. Thursday number will require one more on big ice. Then there will be two quartets, two trios, duets and solos. Those are usually two weeks each, but some solos could do on a freeskate. It will depend on how many people audition.

Medstar: Attend every Sunday at 5:15 pm.

How do I sign-up for classes?

Ashburn: Log into AIH Daysmart and click the event you’ve been told to attend.

Medstar: Log in to SHSA OpenSports and select the Sunday 5:15 pm class.

How will I get a Costume?

Ashburn & Medstar: After signing up in Daysmart, and when they are ready, you’ll receive an email to pay $60 for the costume and work on sizing.

Will there be Step-Outs, solos, and duets?

Yes. Check with coach Kitty (kittym@ctoi.us) or email Lori at lcervinka@crpmginc.com

When is the dress rehearsal, show, and any other required dates I can put on my calendar now?

Dress Rehearsal: December 15th 4 – 6 pm at Ashburn Ice House
Show Dates: December 16th and 17th at Ashburn Ice House

I can’t make 4pm during the school week. Can I get an exception?

Contact the practice coach or Lori at lcervinka@crpmginc.com

Who do I ask my other questions?

Lori at lcervinka@crpmginc.com

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