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All About Tryouts

It’s tryout season. Skaters of all ages and levels are invited to come tryout for a Capital Theatre on Ice team! Tryouts for all teams will be held on Sunday, August 28 at Ashburn Ice House. Register here:

Skaters will be assessed on their skating skills, ability to learn short pieces of choreography, their team-dynamics, and other qualities.

Theatre on Ice Skating Skills

Preliminary and above

  • Strong Edges Forward/Backward Outside/Inside
  • Chasse Forward/Backward
  • Mohawks Both directions
  • 3 Turns Forward/Backward Outside/Inside
  • Power 3
  • T-Stops Both Directions
  • Spirals Both Feet Forward/Backward
  • Catch Spirals Both Feet Forward/Backward
  • Lunges Both Feet Forward/Backward
  • Spread Eagles Outside/Inside

Novice and above

  • Must be 14 years old as of 1/1/2023
  • Passed Intermediate moves and/or Silver dances, or have director’s approval
  • Rockers Forward/Backward Outside/Inside
  • Counters Forward/Backward Outside/Inside
  • Cluster turns Different Variations
  • Twizzles Forward/Backward Outside/Inside
  • Tango Stops Both Directions
  • Spread Eagles Both Directions
  • 135/”Y” Both Feet Forward/Backward
  • Ina Bauer Both Directions

Be Prepared to Jump (at least basic jumps), Spin (at least basic spins) and demonstrate any Specialized Moves you may have in your repertoire (example: hydro blades, cantilevers, etc). You will be directed by the coaches during the audition and don’t need to prepare a program.

Be prepared to demonstrate a team led dance combination

We hope you’ll come see what CTOI is all about! If you have any questions regarding tryouts, please email for more information.